在圣克鲁斯的沿海飞地, there’s a surge of innovative companies casting their gaze on one of the most pressing issues of our time: global warming. 比如乔比航空公司, 使适应气候, OneWheel, SwellCycle, CarbonBridge, 珀塞尔, 和更多的, Santa Cruz is proving itself a bedrock of cutting-edge 可持续性 solutions. 这波生态创新者的核心是克鲁兹泡沫. Today, the material giant proudly finds its name among TIME Magazine's illustrious list of the 2023年最佳发明,特别是其克鲁兹酷™产品 & 回收的类别.

TIME's list is not merely a roll-call of innovations but a collection of transformative ideas, meticulously curated by editors and correspondents globally, with particular regard to burgeoning sectors like AI, 绿色能源, 当然, 可持续性. The rigorous selection process takes into account factors such as originality, 功效, 雄心壮志, 以及重新定义社会运作方式的潜力.

克鲁兹酷™ stands as a testament to what's achievable when 可持续性 meets ingenuity. 快速组装和标记圆滑, 专利设计, this avant-garde approach to environmentally-friendly cold chain packaging rivals its traditional counterparts in temperature control. Notably, its core insulation, 克鲁兹泡沫(™), is home-compostable. 此外, 当进行回收时, the 克鲁兹泡沫 effortlessly separates from the cardboard, ensuring zero hindrance to the recovery of the latter.

约翰毡合, 克鲁兹泡沫公司的首席执行官兼联合创始人, expressed his gratitude: "Our inclusion in TIME's 2023年最佳发明 for Cruz Cool underscores our commitment to regenerative solutions. 开云体育官方网站的产品, 在饮料中被许多人选择, 海鲜, 特色食品行业, isn't just a nod to performance and brand enhancement. 这是朝着实现他们的ESG目标迈出的一步. Our journey towards fostering a healthier planet through pioneering products continues."

We are thrilled to be recognized for creating Cruz Cool, a new cold chain product that offers a truly sustainable replacement for plastic foam coolers. This innovation carries the potential to harmonize human activities with the natural world, a principle at the core of 克鲁兹泡沫 and the companies that choose our products.
——Toby Corey,执行董事长兼首席运营官

道格·埃里克森, 开云体育的执行董事, had this to say about 克鲁兹泡沫's achievement: "As an early fan of 克鲁兹泡沫’s innovations and leadership team, this is truly a milestone in the greater ecosystem recognizing the quantum leap in circular innovation that this product represents to the mainstream consumer packaging industry. We are proud that 克鲁兹泡沫 is a graduate of the 开云体育 加速器."

今年早些时候, 克鲁兹泡沫 unveiled its collaboration with 大西洋包装, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions in North America. This partnership is set to steer Cruz Cool and other trailblazing products from 克鲁兹泡沫 to broader horizons. 有兴趣的同学, Cruz Cool is accessible through the 大西洋包装 sales team and the New Earth Approved Catalog.


克鲁兹泡沫 is a circular materials company that produces regenerative, earth-digestible, and certified curbside recyclable protective packaging products and other eco-friendly solutions that offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic products. 克鲁兹泡沫's patented products are circular in nature, using biopolymers to create a compostable material using the existing supply chain and at a similar cost. 克鲁兹泡沫 currently works with consumer-packaged goods, 电子产品, 设备, 耐用品公司. 克鲁兹泡沫 is a mission-driven company that creates impact at scale by empowering industry leaders to be the catalyst for a cleaner environment. 克鲁兹泡沫公司总部位于加州圣克鲁斯.


大西洋包装 recently celebrated its 75th year as a privately held business that specializes in end-of-line packaging systems and materials as well as converted paperboard solutions. Atlantic’s focus on innovation and technology has made them a market leader for customers requiring sustainable packaging options, 包装设备, 高性能材料, 仓库, 和分布. Atlantic delivers these solutions daily to customers in North and Central America. A New Earth Project is the 可持续性 initiative of 大西洋包装, 联合全球包装供应链, 开明的品牌, 还有热情的消费者,让世界的海洋清洁, 湖泊, 以及塑料污染的河流.


开云体育 加速, 植根于开云体育15年的传统, has championed entrepreneurship in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. 自2015年成立以来, 他们已经指导了5个群体的52家创业公司, 70%实现了流动性事件. Their success stems from a unique collaboration with local institutions and powerhouses like the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development, 加州大学, 美人谷歌, 和Joby Aviation, 100+合作伙伴. The accelerator's zero-dilution policy stands out, ensuring startups retain ownership. Participants benefit from a vast network of 50+ mentors and VCs, coupled with over $1M in perks ranging from software discounts to local amenities. It's a hub for startups desiring a nurturing and resourceful environment.


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